Bulgaria has a lot to offer and there are many tourist places we can recommend to you. See Lecti Adventure.

Passport and ID: Bulgaria belongs to the European Union, but not to the Schengen area. As an EU citizen, you need a valid ID card or passport. Non-EU-citizens need a valid passport and possibly a visa. The travel document should be valid for several months after you leave Bulgaria.

Register at immigration: EU citizens staying for less than 90 days do not need to register. For more than 90 days, you need to register during the first week after arrival in the immigration office. Non-EU-citizens must register at immigration within the first days of arrival.

Carry your ID with you. It does not happen often, but if you get into trouble, the police wants to see it. Make a copy of your ID or passport. If the original ID or passport is stolen, with the copy you can more quickly get a new passport from your embassy.

Travel insurance: European Health Insurance Card is valid in Bulgaria. With it you can get some medical help, but it is better to have a full-coverage travel insurance.

Vaccinations and medication: You do not need any specific vaccines for Bulgaria. If you need special medication, bring it with you.

Student card: Make an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) to get discounts.

Roads: There are often holes in the streets and roads of Bulgaria. Winter roads can be difficult to negotiate especially in the mountains. Peak hour traffic jams exist in all bigger cities.

Driving is a bit risky if you are not acquainted with chaotic traffic.

Public transport: Check the timetables of trains or buses directly on the stations or in information centres. Internet information is not always up to date.

Hitch-hiking is easy and in our experience safe at least for males or groups.

Rent a car: Check the car, take photos and do not let the company cheat you. Driver license is not a valid travel document, but you can drive a car in Bulgaria with an European Union driver license.

Parking a car in a city can be a challenge. Check Blue and Green Zones and how to pay.