Time zone: GMT+2 or Eastern European Time Zone, with summer time (GMT+3) from March to October.

Climate: Usually warm and sunny at the Black Sea coast, in comparison to most of Europe. Continental and in winter snow and cold inside the country.

In summer it can be very hot in the southern parts of the country. There is always a cooling breeze by the sea.

Electricity is 220V and jackets mainland European with two holes.

Roaming and Internet: EU rules apply for roaming. Free Internet exists in many caf├ęs and restaurants and in different city hotspots, and in all our apartments.

Currency: The Bulgarian currency is BGN or leva (1 lev, plural leva). The small coins are called stotinki. 1 Euro is officially fixed at 1,95 leva.

Change money: You can change money in banks and exchange offices, or withdraw money from ATMs. Check rates and fees. Never change money in the street!

Credit cards / cash: In bigger shops you can pay with card. In small shops you need cash.

Language: Bulgarian, written in the Cyrillic alphabet.

Opening hours: Offices and banks close around 17-18 / 5-6 pm. Shops are open until 21-22:00 / 9-10 pm. There are lots of 24/7 shops in Varna.